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For many people the most gruesome exhibit is the similarly treated corpse of a pregnant woman with the front of her abdomen peeled away to reveal her unborn child within.
Flatness is all, with the pale grey epidermis of the concrete peeled away in places to reveal supersize frameless vitrines.
Then there was Fronte (Forehead), 1997, with the same creased forehead, from which dirtied tape had been peeled away to make an imprint, through which light had been shone, turning imprint into screen projection, growing it to the size of the wall, and transforming the negative of the skin crease into the positive of the line and back again into the negative of the light-traced space, emerging between the trails of the drawing hand.
Fighter jets roared overhead, as one peeled away - the missing man formation.
Once the wound has healed, the zip is simply peeled away.
Once the negative mold is peeled away, it is filled with liquid stone, lunch as an ice-cube tray is flooded with water.
Djorkaeff took the corner and Pedersen peeled away before sending in a powerful header - the first goal Chelsea had conceded in six league games.
When the ball went in following Graham Kavanagh's free-kick both Young and FortuneWest peeled away with arms aloft - and Young was pointing to his chest, saying: "It's mine.
Approaching Something Higher used the fragmentation of a central cluster of dancers as its motif; again and again, dancers peeled away from the group into solos, duos, and trios, only to return inevitably to one another.