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Then I peeled off all the paper I could reach standing on the floor.
The green growths in the sides of the ravines burned up to broken wires and curled films of dead stuff; the hidden pools sank down and caked over, keeping the last least footmark on their edges as if it had been cast in iron; the juicy-stemmed creepers fell away from the trees they clung to and died at their feet; the bamboos withered, clanking when the hot winds blew, and the moss peeled off the rocks deep in the Jungle, till they were as bare and as hot as the quivering blue boulders in the bed of the stream.
Holmes, with a laugh, passed his hand behind the child's ear, a mask peeled off from her countenance, an there was a little coal black negress, with all her white teeth flashing in amusement at our amazed faces.
The man's face peeled off under the sponge like the bark from a tree.
But owing to the broad sunshine after shaded passages, and to the substance of living people after dreams, the group appeared with startling intensity, as though the dusty surface had been peeled off everything, leaving only the reality and the instant.
The unconsumed stern was the last to sink; but the paint had gone, had cracked, had peeled off, and there were no letters, there was no word, no stubborn device that was like her soul, to flash at the rising sun her creed and her name.
SHARJAH -- Pakistan media has raised questions on Stuart Broads alleged temper with the ball as he peeled off the piece of leather from the ball and then the ball began reverse swing, causing trouble for Pakistani batman in second innings of the match.
4 Numbered Layers Sheets Of The Mat Should Be Peeled Off Easily To Reveal In New Clean Surface .
WEBSTER - Police seized more than 200 pills with no valid prescriptions and in bottles with their prescription labels peeled off in the apartment of four locals in their 20s.
A carbon dioxide laser beam is used to etch information into the first few outer cells of the peel on grapefruit, creating a mark that can't be peeled off, washed off, or altered in any way.
After heating in hot water, it can be hand-molded onto about any surface, whether metal, wood or another synthetic, and will stay there, in the same form it's molded, until reheated or peeled off.
The dad-of-one, from Rainham, Essex, said: "The roof and back doors peeled off like a banana and the front was gone.