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It's never as much fun for the wealthy when there are no plebs salivating over their riches, taking a jealous gander through the servant quarters peep-hole.
The part that makes our skin crawl is the fact that 62-year-old Dylan looks like a lecherous old perv ogling young girls through a peep-hole in the Victoria's Secret dressing room wall.
I don't think the ordinary girl in the street would want to wear the peep-hole underwear - that's crossed the line and is for men, not women,'' said Ms Bovey.
Its heavy metal door, with its peep-hole and small flap through which the guards pushed metal food bowls, is painted screaming orange.
And there's the awful visual conceit of a kaleidoscopic peep-hole, which serves no purpose whatsoever.
It has a peep-hole through which you just might see something that could get you hauled before a grand jury.
Librarian-archivist Edward Phelps of the University of Western Ontario has characterized the Hines collection as a "tantalizing peep-hole into the rich texture of the world we have lost .
These can be modified by enlarging the peep-hole with a 1/8-inch or 3/16-inch high-speed drill.
In addition to offering powerful proprietary DSP-C language extensions such as fixed-point data types and circular buffers, the compiler boasts an impressive list of optimization techniques, including leaf-function handling, register caching, loop unrolling, unroll-and-jam, peep-hole optimizations, instruction mutation, predication-sensitive register allocation, and software pipelining using iterated modulo scheduling.
Appunti di Viaggio, 1967-2014" (Travel Notes, 1967-2014), the artist's recent retrospective at Peep-Hole, brought together a selection of his anti-monumental volumes rendered with unfinished plaster and postindustrial materials.
THE kamikaze drivers are with us yet again with their snow stacks and peep-hole windscreens.