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Now the standard for how those words are interpreted could involve a very small, limited peep-hole, if you will.
All had the understanding that when a resident looked through the peep-hole, the technician had the look of a professional.
A SCHOOL caretaker accused of using a peep-hole to spy on a girls' shower cubicle has been found guilty of attempted voyeurism.
THE kamikaze drivers are with us yet again with their snow stacks and peep-hole windscreens.
A tiny peep-hole in the wall enabled a guard to check the killing was complete, then the bodies would be heaved out onto the pile waiting for the ovens next door, cremating all evidence of life to dust.
Using a modified peep-hole, Barrett had videotaped the ESPN reporter at a Tennessee hotel.
In many ways watching Flash Forward is like watching a fat chick dance about in front of your eyes dressed in just a peep-hole bra and pink suspenders.
But, in the end, the excellence of her work was far more important than the peep-hole prurience of the lower press.
There is also a new peep-hole board in the gallery.
to clean up and wash down, set on free-draining timber logs; glazed rooflights, that give peep-hole views between roof and classroom; scramble nests around tree trunks; and a slide that provides the most direct route down from the roof.