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But other than the most standardized, high-volume sellers, Peeps are both made and packaged in a wide enough variety of formats so as to have resisted packaging automation over the years.
Unlike most peeps that are situated at an angle to the bowstring, these peeps mount perfectly perpendicular to the string.
Caption: Peeps by students at West Newton Elementary School in Indianapolis.
Noting, along with Hancock and Gwinnett-Smith, current consumer preferences for "both trendy and traditional," Cheek observes that nearly all of Peeps' Christmas 2014 lineup has been hijacked by the Minions from the "Despicable Me" movie series, who appear on the packaging.
If you would rather not use alignment tubing, you will need to "train" your peep to come back to your eye correctly.
Rita's Peeps products will include Peeps Chocolate Covered Gelati, which layers the new marshmallow Peeps Ice and chocolate frozen custard, mimicking the newly introduced Peeps Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Chicks; Peeps Chocolate Covered Misto, which blends Peeps Ice and chocolate frozen custard into an on-the-go drink; and the Peeps Pie Blendini, a crunchy frozen treat that combines the Peeps Ice with frozen custard and tiny cookie pieces to create a sweet crunch sensation.
Just Born has "also rolled out individually wrapped Peeps Spooky Friends marshmallow candies for Halloween.
PEEPS: A CANDY-COATED TALE is by far the most original, zany Easter tale of 2006.
Today, we look at his involvement with the Sabres, the Peeps and the Rainbows.
"Peeps" is short for parasite positive, the "preferred" term for modern vampires because, yes, vampirism is the result of parasitic infection, with which the world abounds (as Westerfeld happily details in quirky but factual even-numbered chapters).
It has become a sign of spring, like daffodils blooming and frolicking lambs: The Peeps have hatched.