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He peerlessly captured the nuances of Indian politics and Mumbai, its streets, struggling common people, corporate honchos and movies stars, as only he could.
Since he was famous for being peerlessly prolific and more than a tad egotistical, it should come as no surprise that science fiction author Isaac Asimov (1920-1992) wrote multiple autobiographies: In Memory Yet Green (1979), In Joy Still Felt (1980), and I.
And the beauty of it for Le Tiss is that he doesn't have to run around!" Even though Stelling's role is to peerlessly oversee and orchestrate the debate and the banter he's never short of an opinion either.
It remains Land RoverEoACAOs flagship model, peerlessly blending comfort, luxury, design, technology and versatility in one highly-accomplished package.
North Korea has hailed its "peerlessly brilliant" leader, Kim Jong-il, as the country marks his 68th birthday in a festive atmosphere complete with parades, flower shows and goodie-bag handouts for children.
He goes to the office of sleazemeister extraordinaire Joe Banner (the peerlessly coarse and dislikable Allen Garfield), head of Banner Films, a pornographic movie company that confirms another of the film's alternate titles, Blue Manhattan.
In my opinion, a study of this kind may produce significant methodological gains: if we succeed in proving that the theory of the civilizing process can be applied feasibly to specificities of 19th century Hungarian society, we may test four possibilities of verifying Elias' paradigm and corroborate the almost peerlessly strong relevance of the theory.
So she calls the dragon, who arises, Dreaming peerlessly the endless while.
The service was peerlessly prompt and cheerful and the prices cheap as chips.
However, it was a close run affair against a Chorley side marshalled peerlessly at the back by former Villa favourite Shaun Teale.
Peerlessly stubborn, worn friendless, for years, I couldn't forget, nor get on gondolas with woman-shaped women.
The early 19th century narrative poem in "six-eight" couplets from which the lyrics are culled, relates in more than two thousand lines the predestined romantic tragedies of a peerlessly gifted beauty.