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Americans 65 and older were more peeved about having to fill out long forms than were those younger than 65.
If you're feeling a little peeved, make at stop at ratemyteachers.
After six years with the Sports Council I am pretty peeved," said Paseoe.
However, the council has every right to be peeved at its inability to find anyone to share the pounds 500,000 bill, especially when the cameras will help reduce damage to local property and insurance company payouts.
Or did Mannix's husband, MGM studio executive Eddie Mannix (Bob Hoskins) order the hit, peeved that Reeves put his wife in an emotional tailspin?
And after the building's power goes out and the bored boys order a pizza--with no intention of paying for it--a peeved deliveryman (Enrique Arreola) arrives and refuses to leave without his money.
Bush has peeved some of his Religious Right allies by telling a British reporter that he believes Christians and Muslims worship the same God.
As you may imagine, Veronica and I are somewhat stunned by this news, but I have to say my overwhelming emotion is one of being very peeved.
In Chile, his ownership of Parque Pumalin, the world's largest private nature reserve, has peeved nationalist politicians in Santiago.
How did the peeved reptile (backboned animal) flap open its mouth so wide?
And the only reason God would do something like that, one could reasonably deduce, was because he was divinely peeved about something, most likely something they did wrong.
Although several folks apparently got a kick out of taking aim at the photo of a man they now detest," reports Roll Call newspaper's Ed Henry, "a peeved member of the club ripped the photo out of the urinal, fearing it would be seen as yet another symbol of the party's alleged intolerance.