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The annual study, which began in 2011, presents readers with a comprehensive list of air-travel-related pet peeves, which are then ranked in descending order from most to least irksome.
A survey revealed that their biggest pet peeve has something to do with cleavage.
The use of cartoon pets--rather than people--along with light and humorous copy to represent each of the transit pet peeves helped achieve this.
This fast moving game showmeets-talk show sees Black Country born Frank refereeing three celebrities each week as they compete for his approval to banish their top peeve, annoyance, irritation or worst nightmare to the depths of Room 101 forever.
When I sit at the workstation to start reading, I encounter my next classic peeves.
A lot of the pet peeves deal with workplace intrusion with how people are interacting with each other on a frequent basis.
His pet peeve is having to order accessories when he wants to buy them and take them home now.
One of the biggest pet peeves that clients have is when brokers show up late for appointments.
Any other pet peeves regarding the world of teaching or performing?
Next up: As Peeves The Poltergeist in the second Harry Potter movie.
If she saw Incubus without you, don't take it out on her by nit-picking over peeves you never even noticed before.
The exclusive survey asked 2,000 women and men to fess up to their worst behaviors (including lying and cheating) and their biggest pet peeves.