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Eliminate terrorism like poisonous pest Teddy Locsin !-- -- Janvic Mateo (The Philippine Star) - May 5, 2019 - 12:00am MANILA, Philippines Terrorism should be eliminated like a "peevish poisonous pest" and not treated like a "naughty child," Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr.
Adams was replaced by Isaac Vassell with a quarter of the game to go - having earlier been absolutely levelled by a peevish tackle from Chey Dunkley.
But here, once again in its peevish way, beauty is kicked out.
Serious policymakers in both countries will have to work to determine whether Mr Trump's salvo against Pakistan is a sign of more turbulence ahead in the bilateral relationship or simply another peevish and self-centred presidential observation.
But there is more that adds to the anguish of the bereaved, and to the peevish wonder of observers.
"We all know that 'mature' means on the verge of incontinence, idiocy and peevish valetudinarianism" (it means banging on about ill health).
We all know that 'mature' means on the verge of incontinence, idiocy and peevish valetudinarianism" - Broadcaster Jeremy Paxman, complaining that in some quarters the over-50s are regarded as "virtual corpses."
Globalization offers many benefits; peevish Brexiters should treat the ailments of globalization with efficient governance rather than plan its burial
Williams begins by focusing on those girls who are 'peevish and perverse', which is to say girls who not only 'perform their status as girls, but also, through resistance and mutability, ...
"In the peevish city of the Mediterranean [region], Adana, there has not been a single day in 2015 without an armed attack.
He's been depressed and lost and, along with that, a bit peevish and rude, too.
Amna Batool, a resident of PWD colony, in a peevish mood, commented that the concerned people should have taken notice of the huge clouds of dust hovering over the bazaar due to frequent vehicular and pedestrians movement over the muddy ground.