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Blackmail is too strong a word, but short-sightedness or peevishness is not.
Edminster points out that typological readings of Noah were always hazardous, especially since the popular tradition of Uxor's peevishness seemed to contradict her being a "type of the Church, the bride of Christ redeemed by Christ's sacrifice" (83).
The stolen baby would be substituted by a fairy baby whose peevishness and ugliness would often give him away.
Conniff's peevishness detracted from her article's serious anti-Nader message and could actually have alienated undecided young readers.
How could you not love an athlete who reacts to absolutely every opponent's slight with the same peevishness as you do?
10 include lassitude, lack of appetite and general peevishness.
Indeed, elsewhere in his writings the elder La Verendrye betrays some peevishness with the missionary, stating on three occasions that it was at Aulneau's insistence that Jean-Baptiste was sent along with the brigade, stopping just short of accusing the Jesuit of responsibility for the death of his son.
THIS may be my imagination, but, glancing at rival newspapers these last few days, I sense a certain peevishness.
My peevishness dissolved in the next room with the unexpected conjunction of Matisse's Interior with a Violin, 1917-18, and one of Picasso's Guitar constructions (1924).
These two lines--before and after the poem--appear to reinforce ED's feelings of peevishness about what she assumes God has asked.
And yet there was a sort of peevishness in the conference air.
ANGUS DEAYTON presents the ultimate tribute documentary as BBC1 revisits the priceless moments of peevishness and pettiness that have helped to make Victor Meldrew a classic British icon.