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She cites an anti-semitic comment made by an unnamed representative of la cultura that serves little purpose other than pejoration (p.
Each of the main chapters focuses on different kinds of words (adjectives, nouns, verbs) and more general topic areas (pejoration, religion, agriculture, history, law, antiquated worldviews).
Paradoxically, our society demands more security and is less tolerant toward certain behaviors every day, therefore in the successive reforms of the Penal Code they have started including new criminal types or the pejoration of the sanctions for the existing types.
It quintessentialy involves two main processes: figuration, which makes use of metaphor, metonymy and related figurative means; and semantic shifting, which includes generalization, specialization, melioration and pejoration. Although figuration is traditionally associated with poetry while shifting is commonly linked with historical change, both are productive in everyday speech and are as much a part of language as any other linguistic mechanism.
Cette hypothese s'appuie aussi sur l'observation qu'une prise breve d'antidepresseur chez des jeunes rats augmente les decharges des neurones dans le LC, et est associe avec une pejoration de la depression (West et al., 2010), suggerant par la que l'augmentation d'activite du LC puisse etre associee aux effets secondaires du traitement antidepresseur sur l'humeur particulierement chez les jeunes.
But this pejoration of utopia is exposed as being central to the sustainability of the ideological power regimes of liberal democracy, regimes that Joan--and the critical spectator--like to think they contest.
This shift is necessary in order to logically allow for the significant transformation that the associations of blackness experience unilaterally with those of whiteness, but with a converse development: from pejoration to amelioration.
"Pejoration, in which the meaning of a word gets more negative, and amelioration, in which a word's meaning becomes more favorable, happen constantly.