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This phrase is a pejorative, connoting idols made by human hands (Isa 31:7).
In the '80s, most private junior colleges dropped the pejorative "junior" and either established bachelor degree programs or conducted feasibility assessments to do so.
The advance release material featured such pejorative phrases, in reference to the Catholic Church, as "reign of terror," "booting out heresy," "the business of terror," and best of all, 'some scholars say the Inquisition exists to this day, in the form of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith .
New African (NA), in no pejorative manner, you are a Native Authority on which we can proudly count: indigenous, ingenious, endogenous, original.
As a result the word Dutch became a pejorative word, commonly used as an expression of disbelief such as: " If Harry Kewell deserved that Champions League winner's medal then I'm a Dutchman.
Anything black is part of the vestiges of a forbidden past, and the word black itself is a loaded term often pejorative or misinterpreted.
Rather its message is that women of all ages, races, religions, occupations, and backgrounds can come forward and change the concept of the assertive woman as a "bitch" in the pejorative sense of that word.
There is some case for removing terms which have an historic association which makes them pejorative and there are some obvious racial examples of this.
Vogel's tone is pejorative, his denial sounding almost Nixon-esque.
The literalist work, in other words, was incomplete without the experiencing subject, which is what I meant by characterizing such work as theatrical in the pejorative sense of the term.
The standard system of naming parts of the brain involved use of such pejorative prefixes as "paleo-" and "archi-" to designate structures in avian brains, in contrast to the more positive prefixes such as "neo-" that are used to describe parts of the human brain.
The danger here, like in all dualisms, is that one hall of the dyad (the metaphysical) risks being wildly privileged, while the Other half (the earthly) becomes so utterly marginalized that "earthy" actually becomes a pejorative term.