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The chapter examines how an alien worldview (idiocentric) pejoratively [inter alia] affects the construction of values which have possible negative influence on behavior patterns writ large in Black youth and many adults.
So acrimonious has this struggle become that the latter have pejoratively been labeled the "deviant current," and calls for its members to be expunged from national politics have become commonplace.
The Beta Israel of Ethiopia, pejoratively labeled the Falasha (the name means "stranger"), gave life to their Judaism by building synagogues, learning Torah and practicing relatively strict forms of Jewish worship.
To make sure each of these functions has what it needs to do its work, organizations create departments--often referred to, pejoratively, as silos.
A super PAC favoring Newt Gingrich created a video that pejoratively highlighted Mitt Romney's tenure at Bain Capital by using Schumpeter's theory of "creative destruction.
They think of it pejoratively, the same as a sex worker, but it's not," she said.
The practice, pejoratively known as lobbying, was as American as apple-pie.
The Japanese term otaku is used pejoratively, often in a wryly self-deprecating manner, to refer to a person with a media obsession usually related to anime, manga, and/or videogames.
It is also expected to continue to provide economic aid and assist with what is pejoratively called ''nation-building,'' including the reform of Afghanistan's judicial system.
While confronting the abstract rationalism of the French Enlightenment, Burke thus goes so far as to speak pejoratively about "metaphysics," "natural rights," and even "truth," and one is pressed to consider just how far Burke is taking his predilection for the practical and the historical over the philosophical and the rational.
Both accuse him, pejoratively, of being a "moderate.