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216) This is much less socially desirable than a PELF deal even though the separation of ownership and control is greater in the latter.
Barring a few honorable exceptions, the profligacy, loot and plunder and corruption of the rulers in general and politics of power and pelf in particular during sixty five years have brought the country to brink of disaster.
India has never been a demonstratively acquisitive culture, but with the access to wealth being liberalised and with corruption becoming a retail phenomenon, we'll see more people like Kanda treading the fine line between power, pelf and prison.
May her citizens resolve to no more allow ourselves to be seduced by imperialist insiders, who care not for the destiny of our fair Republic but only for power and pelf.
If you are trying to gauge the country's mood anytime, you will do well to begin with cricket - the game connected so closely to other big games of power and pelf.
The fear then is that while the IPL might have crippled and financially finished off Kapil DevAEs ICL by sheer firepower once the cracks start appearing in the wall there could be an acronym waiting in the wings to foul up the power and pelf blinded C Lalit Modi?
Ross (on behalf of the participants of the PanLITHOPROBE IV meeting working group: Kevin Ansdell, Zoli Hajnal, Dick Wardle, Jeremy Hall, David Eaton, Ray Price, Carolyn Pelf, Bill Davis, David Snyder, Ken Ashton, John Ketchum, Nick Culshaw)
Jesus knows, with absolute certainty, that God is mocked by a human proclivity for pelf and indifference to the welfare of those on society's margins.