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That's about everything they have to lay claim on positions of power and pelf.
The two words that seem to sum up the moral climate of Washington during this administration are piosity and pelf.
Among the many deterrents of Nepali politics today is the ghost of the institution of the monarchy that through coercions, agreements, infringements, temptations and fake rhetoric of power and pelf had created quite a broad sphere of psyche that becomes expressive through the occasional actions and speeches of some republican politicians and obscurantist forces who want to put the republican achievements "under erasure".
Jan-1893 Moore & Burgess Minstrelsy Minstrels tour 13-Apr-1893 Provincial Morocco Musical tour Bound Comedy (first pelf.
Pelf, patronage and power have dominated the political scene.
residents to attend college (one for $5,500 and the other for $1,500), a Federal Pelf Grant for $2,290, a competitive-based grant of $1,300 due to good grades, and a $1,500 university scholarship that Hines applied for on his own.
The Gruppo Oncologico Italiano di Ricerca Clinica (GOIRC) study compared D1/D2 surgery alone against surgery followed by four cycles of PELF [cisplatin, epirubicin, leucovorin (LV) and 5-FU] in 258 patients with adenocarcinoma of the stomach at stages Ib, II, IIIa and b, or IV (T4N2M0).
Boulder Creek Calf Greek Escalante River (perennial (mesic (perennial Measure runoff) groundwater) flood prone) Number of samples 33 55 78 Total genera of invertebrates 67 83 82 Total genera of insects 65 76 78 Genera of Coleoptera 10 18 21 Genera of Diptera 13 16 18 (non-Chironomidae) Genera of Ephemeroptera 14 8 12 Genera of Heteroptera 4 4 3 Genera of Megaloptera 0 0 0 Genera of Odonata 2 9 5 Genera of Plecoptera 9 2 5 Genera of Trichoptera 13 18 13 Genera of Crustacea 1 4 2 Genera of Mollusca 1 2 2 TABLE 4--Genera of aquatic invertebrates that are unique to three streams in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Utah, with differing streamflow regimes (sensu Pelf and Ward 1989).
sham bards of a sham nation, And spiritual defeat wrapped warm in riches, No pride but pride of pelf.
Not to mention pelf, bollers, lettuce, cabbage, squirt, beer tokens, smash, quidlets, crinkle, folding, womba and wonga.
that this has been--not is--that Power and Pelf combine To mock this fair romantic spot and raise a rival shrine; While nature, foiled and part despoiled, Must pair with brick and mortar, That carriage wheels may churn her fields, For Pluto's stole Earth's daughter.