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In September 2017, Amnesty International India released a briefing, 'Losing Sight in Kashmir: The Impact of Pellet-Firing Shotguns', which documented the cases of pellet victims.
Srinagar -- In occupied Kashmir, the police have admitted that pellets fired by the personnel of Indian army, paramilitary forces and police are hitting the Kashmiri protestors above-waist and on their faces in violation of the standard operating procedures governing crowd control.
In another area of Baramulla district, Dangiwacha two women received pellet injuries - one received pellets in arms and on hand, and other was hit by multiple pellets on the body, the report says.
Drax has previously indicated its intention to expand its self-supply compressed wood pellet operations to support 20-30% of its generation requirement.
Drax previously notified the market of its participation in these processes and had submitted initial cash bids for the operating assets of Texas Pellets and Louisiana Pellets.
As per records at the SMHS Hospital, 970 people with pellet injuries in the eyes had been received.
Estimating pellet disappearance rates has been a relatively active area of research; but variability in results confounds the application of general observations to local conditions.
Graanul Invest has a pellet production capacity of around 2.
These measuring instruments also close their jaws with some force that can easily flatten the thin diameters of soft lead pellet heads.
The biofuel (pellets) production requires arranging a pellet manufacturing line, which average cost according to price lists makes 274000 UAH [2].
In the more modern Crosman Challenger, the best 10-shot premium pellet group measured .
The pellet mills are coming in because we've got a tremendous supply of pulpwood, standing pine pulpwood, that's pretty low cost," Pelkki said.