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Based on the results from previous studies cited earlier, it seems plausible that the observed differences in the trypsin-specific activity values in lobsters fed the 2 types of diets were the result of the greater content of unfractioned native proteins provided by the fishmeal included in the pelleted feed used in this study.
Furthermore, the duration (October through May) that our cows were on only pelleted feed is not typical of past studies with reproductive females at the MRC.
Because deer are not fed supplements on the refuge, wild-trapped does had no experience eating pelleted feeds.
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply Of Pelleted Feed
The demand driving factors are, the increasing awareness regarding animal nutrition, increased preferences for pelleted feed, and rise in meat consumption.
The use of well-compounded pelleted feed considerably increases the profit margin of fish production.
Aaron Gaines, Vice President of Production Resources and Operations, stated that this mill will produce only pelleted feed and ground feed for hog rations and has the capacity to make 400,000 tons of feed annually when fully operational.