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Table 1 Conditions potentially suitable for collagen cross-linking POTENTIAL INDICATIONS FOR COLLAGEN CROSS-LINKING * Keratoconus * Pellucid marginal degeneration * Iatrogenic keratectasia (post-LASIK) * Prevention of keratectasia (prior to refractive surgery) * Microbial keratitis * Stromal corneal ulceration * Donor tissue modification prior to corneal graft * In combination with orthokeratology
Distribution of lectin-binding glycosidic residues in the hamster follicular oocytes and their modificationsin the zona pellucid after ovulation.
For me, the Robert and Jean Hollander translation, which is the academic standard, was the most pellucid and engaging, though the exhaustive scholarly notes proved more a distraction than an aid.
Reagan, however, appealed directly to the people from the bully pulpit of the presidency, not from the Senate floor, and he made sure to explain the issue in pellucid and persuasive terms.
Then a disease-based approach considers keratoconus, pellucid marginal degeneration, post-refractive surgery, irregular astigmatism, post-surgical ectasia, epithelial basement membrane dystrophy, and Fuch's endothelial dystrophy.
Roy Batty's ontological crisis captures her critical imagination and animates her pellucid prose.
Of course, this was also a site-specific choice of material on the artist's part: Resin, with its glassy surfaces and pellucid hardness, plays off the region's celebrated history of using such industrial materials in aeronautic-, automobile-, and surf-related design, which made possible the space-age, sucked-lozenge aesthetic of Finish Fetish sculptors from John McCracken and Craig Kauffman to Peter Alexander and Helen Pashgian.
With reference to Girard's reading of The Eternal Husband, Fleming writes, "Girard's interest in the story has to do with its capacity to render pellucid the role of the mediator of desire, of how the mediator makes the desired object desirable at the same time that he or she obstructs the desiring subject from attaining it.
The pellucid gap between appearance and reality is found, for example, in an "authentic" tortilla factory at Disney's California Adventure (Lind and Barham, 2004), in specialty coffees that create new memories to supplant cultural amnesia (Roseberry, 1996), and in "traditional" Chesapeake Bay crab cakes formed of pasteurized crabmeat from the far East (Paolisso, 2007).
A poem written for the occasion by the city's first librarian, John Stuart Dalton, summed up the Corporation's ambitions: "This day - a glorious fount we see, from whose pellucid streams the lowliest slave may quench his thirst - in wisdom's loftiest dreams.
Ravel's String Quartet, Sonatina, and Le Tombeau de Couperin offer the most pellucid examples of this tendency, and in the latter work he brought the fugue d'ecole to a level of rich expressivity such as the Conservatoire could never have imagined.
In contrast, we can clearly and unambiguously offer instance after instance of pellucid violations of (direct) liberty: the Indian rapes in Delhi, the monstrous murders of school children at Sandy Hook to snatch headlines from the news as I write.