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Organisers were worried about the state of the field after the heavy rain which pelted down on Friday night.
My instructor Mark Robins shouted at me as we pelted down a runway-size straight.
As rain pelted down on the French Riviera, the Gatsby movie stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan started proceedings.
The second NGK Racing Series race of the day was cancelled as rain pelted down late in the afternoon over the Dubai Autodrome, making conditions untenable for racing.
The worst deluge came on Thursday, June 28, when around a month's worth of rain pelted down in an hour.
The high-class staying hurdler has taken to jumping well, although trainer Henry Daly was concerned as the rain pelted down during mid-afternoon.
GO on, admit it, there's a part of you that said a silent "yippee" when the heavens opened above the Italian Riviera and rain pelted down on the Rooney wedding party.
Network Rail actually issued a plea to commuters to avoid the area as the rain pelted down on the tracks.
The cars would be covered in dull, misty light as the rain and wind continuously pelted down on his greasy windowpane.
Rain and even hailstones pelted down as the pair ventured out while on a three day private trip to Co Waterford.
As the rain pelted down, it was obvious play would be suspended at the end of the over.