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We couldn't even warm up in Costa Rica because there was a hail of coins and batteries being pelted down on us.
As the Orangemen considered their position, rain pelted down on the almost-deserted fields around Drumcree parish church, making them more inhospitable than ever.
But the dust turned to mud as the rain pelted down and left Wales wondering just what they could have done in dry conditions against the Country outfit.
But as the rain pelted down and the machinery cranked up, my blood pressure and heart rate went through the roof almost as fast as the ride launch.
The worst deluge came on Thursday, June 28 when around a month's worth of rain pelted down in an hour.
The wind also appears to have gusted more strongly and the rain pelted down more forcefully than in previous years.
It was the end of October and it absolutely pelted down all day.
As the rain pelted down, the royal walkabout threatened to become a wade- about, and aides searched for a sturdy pair of boots.
THE midsummer weekend ended up a washout as more than the average rainfall for the whole of the month pelted down over two days.
As rain pelted down on the crowds at Glastonbury, Newcastle's own festival of fun basked in the glow of a summer's evening.
It also pelted down when Edward VII unveiled the statue of the Queen outside the new Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle in 1906.