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Network Rail actually issued a plea to commuters to 'avoid the area' as the rain pelted down on the tracks.
As the rain pelted down, both sides started the match with ball-security uppermost in their minds.
The leaders all played their rounds in the calm morning conditions and were relaxing in the clubhouse before heavy rain pelted down later to plague the afternoon starters.
The rain pelted down as the first note was sung and, typically, stopped as the crowds started to shuffle towards the exits at 10.
Only 12 months ago, the former world No 1 looked all washed up as the rain pelted down on the DFS Classic at Edgbaston Priory.
As the Orangemen considered their position, rain pelted down on the almost-deserted fields around Drumcree parish church, making them more inhospitable than ever.
As rain pelted down GAT'S J Carey with on the French Riviera, the Gatsby movie stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan started proceedings.
The worst of the flooding happened during the Great Tyneside Storm on June 28, when around a month's worth of rain pelted down in just one hour.
Last year Hoppings workers suffered their worst season in 125 years when showers pelted down and rain-soaked visitors bathed in mud.
It wasn't a comfortable night for the keepers on Wednesday - in more ways than one - as torrential rain pelted down.
It pelted down all afternoon and the already 'damp' ground in the field that purported to be a car park had become a quagmire by 6.
As the rain pelted down on more than 50,000 desperate Kosovans, the lucky few were forced to say goodbye to friends not deemed vulnerable enough to take the trip.