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Stone pelting, it is argued, gave a new lease of life to our octogenarian SAS Geelani and his stagnating politics aimed at merger of Kashmir with Pakistan, a promised land for all Muslims...well, most of us!
'If we attend, for instance, 50 cases a day in Srinagar, 45 are related to stone pelting,' she said.
Later Muslims gathered outside the mosque to protest against the stone pelting. Some protesters also pelted stones at the rival group further escalating tensions.
"I was sitting at home when I received a message on my phone about blocking a highway and pelting motorists with firebombs," he said in his statement.
" If he ( stone pelting youth) is giving up his life, he is not doing it for tourism.
The debate was triggered by the city police chief Afadul Mujtaba who claimed that there is a saying of the Prophet (Hadith) that prohibits stone pelting.
To explain the water vapor, Frank hypothesized in 1986 that a previously unknown group of what he called "small comets" was pelting Earth and bringing water into the upper atmosphere.
PPP Chairman said that PPP does not believe in politics of violence and that conspiracy was behind stone pelting at PPP Rally in Lyari.
Right now the number of stone- pelting incidents are down to a trickle.
ISLAMABAD -- Forum patronised by veteran Hurriyet leader, Syed Ali Gilani has said that police have adopted it as a policy to first create a disturbance and then to force youth into resorting to stone pelting in reaction, for their subsequent arrest.
Around 100 workers had also assembled in Sector 10 industrial area and started pelting stones but police reached the spot and prevented damage to factories, he said.
PUNE: A mob of about 500 people that had held a protest rally against the communal riots in Dhule town in north Maharashtra last Sunday, yesterday indulged in heavy stone pelting opposite the office of the district collector and district superintendent of police and in some areas of Parbhani district in Marathwada region.