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He will starve to death but he is pelting stones for his nation and there is a need to understand this," he added.
If police or the authorities do not interfere in the public meetings the stone pelting or any reaction without any provocation is unjustified.
Anti-India protesters in other parts of Kashmir also give expression to their anger through pelting the police and paramilitary, Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF).
The images were convincing enough to persuade several former skeptics that some new type of water-bearing object is pelting Earth's atmosphere.
Even some known PDP supporters are indulging in stone- pelting now, but no action has been taken against them.
The security personnel received injuries due to stone pelting.
The mobs grew restless and the miscreants among them began pelting stones at vehicles passing in front of the collector's office.
The families both accused have denied the charges, saying they were not involved in any incident of stone pelting.
New Delhi [India], Jan 3 ( ANI ): The National Investigation Agency (NIA) on Wednesday opposed the bail plea of Javed Ahmed Bhat, who is accused of stone pelting in Kashmir Valley.
THE stone- pelting youths of Kashmir have got a job offer from an unexpected quarter.
The militants fled the stone pelting and fired at the crowds who gathered to save the bank from being looted.
The riot- hit area remained by and large peaceful, save for a few stone- pelting incidents.