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MAYBE it was because as I emerged from Birmingham Airport hail was pelting down, the needle-sharp shards battering my bald pate so ferociously that I winced.
The Waterboys were harbingers of doom, with the rain pelting down on them not long after they took to the stage to deliver classics such as The Whole Of The Moon.
"The snow was pelting down and we sat huddled down on the barrow because there was nothing open on the station.
"The snow was pelting down and I got stuck at the bottom of our bank slap bang in the middle of the road.
Rain began pelting down after the third race and the following 6f handicap was delayed while runners were kept in the saddling boxes for several minutes during the worst of the storm.
because the rain is pelting down with an intensity we haven't seen since the Queen's River Thames flotilla.
Then she turned again and was pelting down the stairs, pursued by a cascade of echoing footsteps.
"It was difficult out there judging the ball in the wind and with the rain pelting down.
THE rain was pelting down as we at waiting for a space on the supermarket carpark.
But he won't be the only big name in the posh seats and when the covers go on and it's pelting down, the BBC cameras will zoom in on the celebs to keep you amused on your couch.
Where's me tree?" Not exactly a grammatically perfect exclamation I admit, but standing in the garden at 7am, rain pelting down on me, rules regarding the correct use of English were not at the front of my mind.
She said: ``I shared a toboggan with Ringo -we came pelting down a snow-coveredhill.