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If it is pelting down then the potential upside is not all that large.
A mate of mine was walking through Nuneaton town centre last week and it was pelting down with rain.
With soaring temperatures pelting down in the city, today's woman needs to keep a cool, clear head.
Moran said: "The rain was pelting down and the light was awful but these guys never looked like dropping any.
This answer was repeated with every other taxi in the town centre that stopped for me, a lone woman, sober, and freezing cold from the sleet that was pelting down.
He added: "It's pelting down at the moment and it doesn't look very hopeful.
The rain has been pelting down in this corner of suburban Birmingham and while I have no doubts about the game going ahead, the pitch is going to be extremely heavy and that means running, expansive rugby will be at a premium.
The rain was pelting down from above and water was streaming out of the drains and sewers, flooding the roads.
I asked "quad biker" Richard Bond after he had led our group pelting down the deserted Muriwai beach on souped-up bikes.
Back then I was completely fearless and would go pelting down the ramp, but when I went back a little while ago I was horrified at how steep it was
A spokeswoman at the Tourist Information office in Tobermory said: "It's absolutely pelting down here now, but we want the sunshine back.
Encouraged by a few straight shots, there was no stopping me by the eighth fairway even when the hail started pelting down.