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Not exactly a grammatically perfect exclamation I admit, but standing in the garden at 7am, rain pelting down on me, rules regarding the correct use of English were not at the front of my mind.
She said: ``I shared a toboggan with Ringo -we came pelting down a snow-coveredhill.
Returning at 2am we discovered that Sparrow Wharf had partially collapsed and it was by now pelting down with rain.
The conditions in Malta were horrible - cold weather, cold water pelting down on them, working on the water.
I thought it was way worse the other night - it was really pelting down.
Rain was pelting down as racing came to a close yesterday, after which clerk of the course Simon Claisse changed the going to good to soft, soft in places.
But he won't be the only big name in the posh seats and when the covers go on and it's pelting down, the BBC cameras will zoom in on the celebs to keep you amused on your couch.
AS I write the rain is pelting down so it's anyone's guess what condition the rivers will be come the weekend.
He's been coming in from school with the sun still pelting down and he didn't have a cap on.
The wind was blowing a gale, the rain was pelting down,and it was very daunting.
If rain had been pelting down at the time it might have been a little bit amusing - but it wasn't - raining or amusing.
It was pelting down with rain so I drove around the side of the building and saw what looked like a flooded car park in front," he said.