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With the commercial white pelts that went for slighter lower prices, more buyers were actively involved at the selling of the white pelts than in the past.
All 62 403 swakara pelts offered by Agra on this auction were sold.
Pelts of the common leopard, African lion (exotic species), Indian palm civet, jungle cat, and leopard cat were available at high prices in markets where local herbalists were mostly found,' the study says.
The following were average prices for pelts at the Maine auction: coyote, $22; ermine, $2.75; male fisher, $42; female fisher, $50; gray fox, $25; marten, $22; mink, $10.75; muskrat, $2.92; otter, $52; red fox, $29.75; beaver, $13.90; beaver castor, $31.50/pound.
The pelt offer consisted of 35,872 black, 8794 white, 3835 grey, 725 brown and 2787 spotted pelts.
Chinese manufacturers have turned to foreign farmers for high-quality pelts. China imported nearly $126 million worth of U.S.
New York, NY, April 30, 2012 --( The cost of fur garments will increase more than 50% due to high fur pelt pricing at the fur auctions.
Dr Barbara Maas, chief executive of Care for the Wild International (CWI) said she has been able to buy the skins of household pets over the internet, paying less than pounds 10 for a dog pelt.
Chinese authorities in an ethnic Tibetan county in western China have banned the public burning of pelts from endangered animals, apparently because the activities are linked to the Dalai Lama, who has urged Tibetans not to wear the fur from such animals, a Tibet advocacy group said Wednesday.
Ethnic Tibetans in western China are burning pelts to protest the use of endangered wildlife species for their traditional clothing, Tibet advocacy groups said Monday.