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There's much talk of female versus male pelts and market differences for them.
White swakara fetched an average of N$818 per pelt.
The finished tubes from one pelt are shown in Figure 7.
On Sunday, the pelt burning campaign was scheduled to end with a pyre on a public square in Rebkong, the information network said.
The February auction saw virtually all of their 28,000 pelts sold and the May auction had another 15,000 on the block.
The pelts are shipped to Europe and sold off under labels which disguise their true origin.
If you aren't concerned about recoil or pelt damage, most any caliber will do provided it shoots accurately and flat enough to stay on a 6" target out to 250 yards.
In an attempt to salvage the failing industry, it engaged an Italian consultancy firm to investigate the market to see whether Karakul pelts had any unexplored potential.
Monfort at Greeley, Colorado, the largest sheep kill plant in the United States, is a main supplier of green pelts.
At the April auction, 73 percent of the pelts they sold were to foreign buyers, mostly Japanese and Italians.
Since April 2013, the price for spotted pelts has decreased from N$500 to N$200.