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When the data of the patients with and without spontaneous stone passage were compared, it was determined that the stone size, area and AP pelvic diameter in the former group were statistically significantly smaller than those in the latter group (p<0.001).
RPD was categorised into three groups: mild (5-6mm in second trimester and 7-9mm in third trimester), moderate (7-10mm in second trimester and 10-15 in third trimester) and severe (more than 10mm in second trimester and more than 15mm in third trimester).10 Antenatal resolution was defined as a normal renal pelvic diameter of <5 mm and progression as an increase of at least 1mm diameter on subsequent follow-up scan at 32-36 weeks.
Age at the time of operation, preoperative and postoperative mean pelvic diameter on ultrasound, split renal function, washout patterns on scintigraphy, and early and late complications were recorded.
This one-inch increase in pelvic diameter, by itself, could lead to an approximately three-inch increase in waist size from age 20 to age 79.