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A reliable source told him that the Pussy Riot feminist will settle in the penal colony number 50 in the town of Nizhny Ingash, four time zones away from Moscow and on the Russia's Trans-Siberian railway.
As Ryan struggles to reconcile his family history, his duty and his heart amidst the opposing currents of romance and war, he stands to either win the woman he loves, die on the noose, or toil a lifetime in a distant penal colony.
According to The Associated Press, Grenville's novel tells the story of a convict's struggle to build a life for his family after being shipped to a 19th-century Australian penal colony.
By contrast, Yoko Ono's Penal Colony (far right) produced with fellow Japanese Arata Isozaki is an austere and oppressive grey labyrinth.
At the seat of the monarchy that--on paper, anyway--still reigns over the former penal colony, Prime Minister Tony Blair pushed through by a single vote legislation outlawing the "glorification of terrorism," defined as speaking or publishing words that would encourage the "commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism.
Even Eva's end--turning tricks in a penal colony, found drowned in a saltwater pond--somehow props up the notion that only whites could make a proper, modern life at the Cape.
Sure, the raw material is potentially explosive, politically absorbing, and emotionally devastating: the forbidden 18th-century love affair between a black convict and a white convict sentenced to hard labor in a South African penal colony during an ugly antigay pogrom by Dutch settlers.
Given this approach, it becomes difficult to distinguish a university from a penal colony or a lunatic asylum.
Virginia was never a penal colony - that was Georgia.
hominivorax was first found to be infesting people in the penal colony of Devil's Island in French Guiana in 1858.
Ultimately, the military established a mostly black penal colony in Vietnam to enforce the terms of its internal race war.
Although New South Wales was a penal colony, it was firmly based in British law.