penal institution

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There is no social and psychological service in the penal institutions.
According to Penal Institutions in Japan, (1) the Correction Bureau publicizes "that prison officers make up 90% of the total number of staff.
The Casa de Detencao mixed not only prisoners accused of vastly different types of infractions but also both slaves and free persons, which lent added peculiarity to this penal institution and predisposed it to both the extralegality and procedural ambiguity that would characterize it well into the post-abolition period.
The author then applies each of the social theories to determine the extent to which they can explain the development of the respective penal institution as a response to the surrounding social conditions.
According to the author, this is also a history of ideas -- of the penal philosophies which seemed, in 1968, to justify the dream of a therapeutic rather than a penal institution for women offenders, a hospital for social misfits rather than a prison.
Over the past 35 years, Maryland's Patuxent Institution has embodied the goal of rehabilitation, rather than punishment, as thoroughly as any penal institution in the United States.
A time is fast approaching when Mr Odinga will be conducted on a familiarisation tour of the prison system to appreciate the improvements in the penal institution since he was last detained 27 years ago.
VyLNyUS (CyHAN)- Prisoners at Lithuanian prisons and other penal institution started a hunger strike on Tuesday, protesting against amendments of the Code of Punishment.
This certificate is issued by an academic entity and it does not indicate that the person was an inmate in a penal institution or even at the MoI," pointed out
ASECOND inquest begins today into how a 14-year-old boy hanged himself at a County Durham secure unit and became Britain's youngest person to die in a penal institution in modern times.
99), any person serving a sentence of at least six months imprisonment in San Marino may be transferred to a foreign penal institution if the competent judge so decides and if there is a relevant international agreement.
In the late 19th century, Dr Callistratus is the governor of a brutal penal institution in a remote castle.