penal institution

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According to Penal Institutions in Japan, (1) the Correction Bureau publicizes "that prison officers make up 90% of the total number of staff.
Barbosa's work is part of a genre of prison diaries, useful but highly problematic and idiosyncratic historical sources that fill in some of the details of daily life inside the Casa de Detencao in the early twentieth century, a time for which no other narrative accounts of the inside of this penal institution exist.
Recent legislation disqualifies for EIC any income earned by an inmate at a penal institution.
The system itself was designed to be a "well-oiled" legal machine where law breakers are passed along from arrest to trial, and possibly placed in a penal institution.
Over the past 35 years, Maryland's Patuxent Institution has embodied the goal of rehabilitation, rather than punishment, as thoroughly as any penal institution in the United States.
VyLNyUS (CyHAN)- Prisoners at Lithuanian prisons and other penal institution started a hunger strike on Tuesday, protesting against amendments of the Code of Punishment.
This certificate is issued by an academic entity and it does not indicate that the person was an inmate in a penal institution or even at the MoI," pointed out
ASECOND inquest begins today into how a 14-year-old boy hanged himself at a County Durham secure unit and became Britain's youngest person to die in a penal institution in modern times.
By congressional mandate, at least one grant will be awarded to a penal institution under the jurisdiction of the Federal Bureau of Prisons.
99), any person serving a sentence of at least six months imprisonment in San Marino may be transferred to a foreign penal institution if the competent judge so decides and if there is a relevant international agreement.
50) But as they began to feel better and consider the possibility of a medical discharge, patients began deeply to resent that they were "still being treated very much like inmates of a penal institution.