penal servitude

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A month later at the assizes, Paddy Duffy, 30, and Thomas Duffy, 29, both of Edinburgh, were sentenced to 10 years penal servitude. Michael Abbot, 36, received 12 months.
Great Uncle Joe got three years' penal servitude and Grandad said he got the death sentence - death by firing 2018 squad.
Where were they when these students were subjected to 21st century penal servitude by the authorities of KNUST under the pretext of instilling discipline?
The prosecutors demanded that I, Choi Soon-sil, serve 25 years of penal servitude. I cried out at the judges, "Why don't you just kill me?
Elliot was sentenced to five years penal servitude and Darlington was sentenced to three years penal servitude.
The maddest collector I have ever known', 'The art dealer who escaped penal servitude', 'The blackmailing of an expert', and 'Saved by the Camorra'.
The judge handed him a seven year term of penal servitude.
During this period there were two systems of imprisonment; local prisons held prisoners sentenced to periods of up to two years and the convict prison system held those sentenced to penal servitude for which the minimum term was between three and five years.
There were no previous convictions and Mr Justice Lawrence binding him over for two years warned him that arson might mean penal servitude for life.