penal settlement

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10 June 1825 Re-establishment of secondary penal settlement at Norfolk Island as place of punishment `ne plus ultra' of convict degradation by Captain Turton, one subaltern, one Assistant Surgeon, two Sergeants and 30 R&F.
Because supporters of the penal settlement might contend that New South Wales also had value as a colony, however, it was necessary for Bentham to show that such a colony would bring no net economic benefit to the mother country.
This valuable book provides the answer: a unique and compact history of New South Wales as it evolves from penal settlement to self-governing colony to the senior State of the Commonwealth of Australia seen from the perspective of its Vice-Regal representative.
A Unique Perspective: One of the more interesting features of Sophie's Exile is that the penal settlement is portrayed primarily from the perspective of free upper class inhabitants.
The Success was one of the ships which carried prisoners to Botany Bay, a penal settlement.
In which ocean is the former French penal settlement of Devil's Island?
The allegorical scene represented Phillip's vision for Sydney beyond its role as a penal settlement and as a future source of imperial pride and wealth--a sentiment reflected in Darwin's poem with its images of architecture and urban expansion.
The Aussies arrive in England on Sunday - this time by plane, not docking at Tilbury - for one of the most eagerly-awaited Ashes series since the infamous Port Arthur penal settlement was established in Tasmania.
Apart from the first chapter which deals with Surveyor General John Oxley's exploration of the area, the early agricultural and penal settlement and the coming of the squatters and landowners, the remainder of this book is a social history of the development of Wellington accompanied by, as the title suggests, many photographs of personalities, buildings, industry, events and localities.
It's hard to believe that the British sent people to this country as a punishment, but in those days Sydney was a harsh penal settlement struggling to survive in the heat and the empty landscape.
Almost 200,000 British felons took advantage of the scheme, one of the youngest whose grave I saw at the Port Arthur Penal Settlement in Tasmania was just 10 - someone who was transported for stealing a toy.
He also said the ship was built in 1790 and originally carried prisoners to the Botany Bay penal settlement.