penal settlement

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10 June 1825 Re-establishment of secondary penal settlement at Norfolk Island as place of punishment `ne plus ultra' of convict degradation by Captain Turton, one subaltern, one Assistant Surgeon, two Sergeants and 30 R&F.
This period, encompassing the rebellion against Bligh, the long and productive tenure of Macquarie and the growing tension between penal settlement and civil and commercial society, ended in the 1840s with Governor Gipps, whose grappling with the questions of ending transportation and establishing local government made him the first 'civilian' Governor.
The search for Williams started when the couple visited a cottage at the Port Arthur penal settlement, which has become a museum in memory of political prisoners sent to Tasmania.
According to the Knopwood confession the man first killed by the escaping convicts was Thomas Bodenham, and it occurred after three other men, Dalton, Brown and Kenelly, had left them to return to the penal settlement.
Agricultural historians have failed to consider how planting a penal settlement at Port Jackson in the territory of New South Wales related to Britain's maritime agenda and plans for commercial empire in the Pacific Ocean.
They should be sent to some off-shore penal settlement, from which there can be no return, reprieve nor escape.
The State Penitentiary Service said convicted Ahmat Bakiev, brother of former President of Kyrgyzstan Kurmanbek Bakiev, escaped from the penal settlement on March 3.
This book looks at the powerful emotions stirred at a time of great upheaval involving the transport of convicts by ship from Portsmouth to the penal settlement of Van Diemen's Land, now known as Tasmania, the southernmost state of Australia.
Later he went on to Port Jackson before finally being transferred to the penal settlement on Norfolk Island where McCullough now spends most of her time.
The brother of ex-President Kurmanbek Bakiev, Akmat Bakiev, was transferred from the prison to the penal settlement in Bishkek, the State Penitentiary Service said.
The sentence was further increased to transportation to a penal settlement for the remainder of his original sentence, and which we understand was for life