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Lindsay Sinclair, chief executive of ING Direct, said: "If an account is marketed as easy access it is unfair to penalise customers for wanting to access it to withdraw their own money.
The Chancellor should be aware that motorists may vote with their wheels in the forthcoming election if he chooses to penalise them.
Now they can also be used to penalise offending employers and employees.
The sports governing body, the FIA, on Tuesday slammed the door on the loophole but admitted it was too late to penalise Button or Sato.
The Northampton star blasted English referee Brian Campsall for failing to penalise Wales in the scrums.
And whilst there is truth in that, history is littered with legislation which penalises the responsible in order to deal with the irresponsbible.
Pierre Riel, Costco's senior vice president for Eastern Canada, said: "This surcharge penalises all St-Jerome consumers, be they Costco members or not, as all gas stations in St-Jerome will be forced to increase the sale price of a litre of gasoline.
It defies common sense to cap a council that has set the third lowest council tax in the country ( and in effect penalises us for doing so.
Global Banking News-June 11, 2013--Indian central bank penalises banks for violating KYC norms(C)2013 ENPublishing - http://www.
ONE in five so-called easy access accounts penalises savers for withdrawing money, research shows.
His solicitor told Denbighshire magistrates: ``Not everybody has the means to discharge the pounds 80 fine immediately, and the system penalises those who cannot.
Global Banking News-May 16, 2013--Taiwanese regulator penalises insurance company(C)2013 ENPublishing - http://www.