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He said that the police launched the campaign more for awareness and if the people are penalised, they would realise the sensitivity of the issue.
It said the banks will be penalised Sh392.5 million against a transaction value of Sh3.578 billion.
Making sure that an innocent person wasn't penalised and fined, the honest father went to the station to correct the mistake.
Kendal were penalised for not releasing a tackled player, the penalty was put into the corner and, from a 5m lineout, Field drove a powerful maul and Adam Malthouse touched down.
DMRC maintained that it takes a number of measures 14 sites and 42 major projects of the Delhi Metro have been penalised for flouting dust pollution norms.
Opsomer, "Theory for penalised spline regression," Biometrika, vol.
The Indian central bank has penalised three private sector banks in the country for violating KYC norms.
Approaching the half-hour mark, Flood kicked a 20-metre penalty after Chiefs skipper Tom Hayes was penalised for not rolling away at the tackle.
Australia were given two penalties in two minutes, with O'Connor missing one and scoring one, then Parra did likewise, missing a simple chance in front of the posts, then atoning when Berrick Barnes was penalised for a high tackle on Fulgence Ouedraogo.
The Irish were penalised and Steenson kicked the goal.
This time he wants the ref on his side as he rued the number of times he claimed Scotland have been unfairly penalised in the scrum during the current Six Nations.