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The penalization technique is used to impose the solid velocity vector [mathematical expression not reproducible] in the area of the computational domain identified by the negative [mathematical expression not reproducible] [18].
(Sketch 1-2) In this sense, the concept of moral variability that can be applied to contemporary crime novels is the deepest criticism of the world described by logic and, therefore, of the legal basis of the inherent dialectic between law and penalization, which is considered to be the foundation of any organized social system.
BEIRUT: Syria's parliament has enacted law that halts the penalization of military sponsors of their comrades who have deserted, state news agency SANA said Wednesday.
Programmable logic controller is used with a setting of two--position controller with penalization including the identification of step response on real device.
In particular, the PF is a product of two local energy penalization terms, both of which negatively affect the amount of required compressor work: the first penalization term is associated with the frictional pressure drop of the condensing refrigerant, and the second penalization term is associated with the driving temperature difference for the heat transfer process.
"It encourages people who are running from the law to consider the use of the legal system for rehabilitation rather than just penalization," said Mannion.
Goodlatte offered concerns in a written statement that the SPY Act was too broad and sweeping, "and would result in the regulation and penalization of those legitimate software companies that are actually trying to play by the rules."
What this study said was that penalization is an acceptable way to treat amblyopia."
In fact, some courts have recognized negligent destruction of evidence as a cause of action, thereby allowing for penalization of poor management of records.
A second difference between the United States and France (and the countries of continental Europe more generally) is that the penalization of poverty a la francaise is mainly effected by means of the police and the courts, rather than through prison.
The result of this theory is the penalization of the subsidiaries where the transaction volumes are low.
In those essays which are not specific to a single author, however, we find that 'gay writing' means male gay writing (Sweet); that 'gay coming-out films' are about male homosexuality (Wright); and we are left to infer that 'the penalization of homosexuality' in nineteenth-century Germany (Taeger) also means men - the author does not mention that lesbianism was never outlawed.