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As the psychological literature on punishment suggests, decisions regarding penalization are often motivated in significant part by outrage at the wrongdoer.
Table 1 Measures of Bureaucratic Effectiveness and the Type of International Approach International Mission Penalization Bureaucracy Approach Fulfillment of Corruption Customs service Insulation High Medium to high Police force Partial insulation Medium Medium to high Central Local administration ownership Low Low Courts system Local ownership Low Low Overall Bureaucracy Responsiveness Effectiveness Customs service High High Police force Medium Medium Central administration Low Low Courts system Low Low
This behavior is expected as the coefficients of higher order variables are negative and thus serve as penalization to fit wide plateaus better (cf.
Ei and E0 are actual young's modulus and original young's modulus; p is penalization power.
These include "rights to receive identity papers, to freedom from penalization for illegal entry, and to be subject to only necessary and justifiable constraints on freedom of movement.
We appeal to Your Holiness to condemn acts of violence against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) people, and to Your Holiness' co-operation in lifting the penalization of homosexual acts worldwide.
Our findings on the penalization of attractive women contradict current literature on beauty that associates attractiveness, male and female alike, with almost every conceivable positive trait and disposition," explain the authors.
It is divided into nine sections that cover key definitions, the right to access, routine publishing of information, the process of requesting and acquiring information, exceptions to the right to access information, promotion mechanisms and penalization.
2005) evaluated the penalization imposed by the CERES-Maize model on corn yield variables.
For this system, penalization terms are added to the general system of equations [9] to take into account different boundary conditions and solid mold zone.
But will the Loan Originator Compensation Amendment have unintended consequences, such as the unfair penalization of honest players?
He declared that the entire Muslim Ummah was united and ready to take action against the notorious and satanic priest, and said that it had been impressed upon the American ambassador Cameron Munter that mere condemnation against the notorious priest was insufficient, and full legal penalization should be taken.