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Drop the ball and, again, penalize yourself one stroke.
further penalize energy intensive industries already subject to harsh international competition and high energy taxes
How can we penalize those who are most likely to use more than their share of health services.
com doesn't penalize business owners with higher fees when the company expands in 2015.
457 deferred compensation: This would cause the 100% limitation to be based on real wages and not penalize those retirees who have employer pickups or have decided to enhance retirement.
To penalize the taxpayer for these delays is, quite simply, unfair, and at odds with the Subcommittee's commitment during the 1989 penalty reform process to impose penalties only on culpable taxpayer behavior.
Despite his public pronouncements, President Rodrigo Duterte gave no orders to the Philippine National Police (PNP) to either absolve or penalize Superintendent Marvin Marcos, the police chief told a Senate hearing on Wednesday.