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Punishable; inflicting a punishment.

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adj. referring to criminality, as in defining "penal code" (the laws specifying crimes and punishment), or "penal institution" (a state prison or penitentiary confining convicted felons).

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relating to crime and punishment.
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LAW, PENAL. One which inflicts a penalty for a violation of its enactment.

PENAL. That which may be punished; that which inflicts a punishment.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Although the exact calculation performed by the BEN computer model is important for determining the adequacy of the ultimate penally assessed, it is quite complex and a complete description of the complicated mathematical steps performed by the computer is unnecessary for the purposes of this Note.
a second proposal was inserted into a budget trailer bill that would impose a 20 percent penally on erroneous claims for refunds on tax payments.
(18.) But see Simpson v Libya, 326 F 3d 230 (2003.) That vasa special case, however, since it involved the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penally Act of 1996, Pub L No 104-132, 110 Slat 1214.
(52) For example, the maximum penally is a $2,000 fine in Manitoba, a $1,000 fine in Saskatchewan and a $500 fine in Ontario.
The Testo Unico della Finanza aims at correctly weighting these inconsistencies; by better ruling the continuous Corporate governance by one side, and by the other side, limiting penally relevant insider trading transactions only to the ones abusing of confidential data (52).
The Royal Commission's military expert Medwyn Parry finds out more about the army training camp at Penally in Pembrokeshire which has been there since 1873.
Charles Darwin's Recipe Book, compiled by food authors Dusha Bateson and Weslie Janeway, contains recipes for Victorian favourites like broiled mushrooms and Penally Pudding.
Should judges deny juries the freedom to interview witnesses "except in open court, where nothing shall be offered that may help clear the prisoner, but every thing aggravated that gives colour to the accusation," Hopkinson warned, "how can innocence secure any from being arraigned?" Arguing that McKean had effectively directed jurors to shut their ears to all but that which he provided them, Hopkinson concluded that "if that justice's will had passed for law, all the gentlemen of the grand jury must have been the basest vassals to the judges and have been penally obliged, jurare in verba magistri, to have sworn in the direction or dictates of the judge ..." (Pennsylvania Packet 1783, 25 Jannary).
Another is whether the use of monetary penalties provides an incentive to parents to pick up their children on time at a day care center or whether the penally, which is less than the cost of a baby sitter, will rather encourage parents to leave the children until it's more convenient to get them.
(50) As Joseph Pugliese argues, lip sewing--a symbolic protest against silencing--should in fact be seen as a product of Australian culture: "we produce it legislatively, juridically, and penally." (51) Finally, the restrictions on family reunion imposed by the Temporary Protection Visa effectively force many families to accompany their husbands and fathers on the perilous boat journeys from Indonesia, with tragic consequences in the case of SIEV X, in which 353 lives were lost.
However, despite these developments, "the net result" of the changes introduced by Straw "remains...markedly punitive and penally expansionist" (Ibid.).