penalty for delay

See: demurrage
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Additionally, the interest rate remains at the level of 4% per annum, while the schedule of debt repayment will not count the accumulated penalty for delay and is prolonged based on the Paris Club terms, Sultanov said.
Later, Sisodia also tabled the Delhi ( Right of Citizen to Time Bound Delivery of Services) Amendment Bill under which officials are liable to pay penalty for delay in providing services included in the citizens' charter.
Banburry emphasized "the penalty for delay is enormous.
Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said that during talks with the Iran government, Pakistan will raise the issue of penalty for delay in construction of the project and gas price.
Devils came from behind three times and went ahead at 5-4, but in the last minute of the third period Michel was handed a two minute penalty for delay of game and Steelers pulled goalie Kevin Reiter.
Most estimates state that rising construction and borrowing costs will add up to 10 percent per year to the bottom line, a potential $23 million annual penalty for delay.
Ironically, the Government department was forced to pay out several million pounds extra as a penalty for delay in payment, under recent legislation which gives a firm a statutory right to interest on a debt.
10] "CPSC Announces Icon Agrees to Pay $500,000 Civil Penalty for Delay in Reporting Exercise Equipment Hazard," News from CPSC, U.
The agency can call on the Justice Department to clamp down on polluters and demand triple damages and a $20,000 per day penalty for delay.
deposits and guarantees required: For all parts default penalty the amount of the penalty for delay is based on the offer of the successful bidder at a minimum of 1% per day up to 3% per day.
Gill, the 2011 National champion, won the round 1 Rally of Maharashtra last month by one minute and 48 seconds despite being docked a penalty for delay at the service park.