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PENANCE, eccl. law. An ecclesiastical punishment, inflicted by an ecclesiastical court, for some spiritual offence. Ayl. Par. 420.

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Upon this place the Knight of the Rueful Countenance fixed his choice for the performance of his penance, and as he beheld it exclaimed in a loud voice as though he were out of his senses:
Joyfully will I submit to any penance he shall assign me.
This do for six weeks to come, and thy penance is accomplished.
I came here specially to let you off the little penance which would otherwise have followed your little offence.
And what," asked Boulnois, smiling, "is the little penance I have so luckily been let off?
The others returned, the room filled again, benches were reclaimed and repossessed, and another hour of pleasure or of penance was to be sat out, another hour of music was to give delight or the gapes, as real or affected taste for it prevailed.
Summary: Arun Gandhi, grandson of India's founding father, outlines how penance, not punishment, wins kids over; touches on avenues to promote non-violence at Emirates Airline Festival of Literature
Almost all world religions give an honored place to penance and fasting.
It is a symbolic penance preceding the big holiday, the SITA newswire wrote on that day.
Those who would avail of the dispensation, however, were encouraged to engage in some other forms of penance, acts of mercy and charity, especially to the poor in keeping with the penitential spirit of the season of Lent.
Ashes are meant to symbolize mourning, penance for one's sinfulness and mortality.
The solemn religious observance traditionally involves believers engaging in prayer and penance to remember the sacrifice of Jesus.