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illius intactae cecidere a pectore vestes, iam clipeus breviorque manu consumitur hasta (mira fides) Ithacumque umeris excedere visus Aetolumque ducem: tantum subita arma calorque Martius horrenda confundit luce penates, immanisque gradu, ceu protinus Hectora poscens, stat medius trepidante domo, Peleaque virgo quaeritur (1.
nostros an forte penates adpetiit centurn Briareia turba lacertis?
He had a great sympathy for the Roman belief in the penates and lares or household gods--this was, he noted, a homely religion.
Virgil pictures it most dramatically when the Trojan hero leaves the burning Troy with his father Anchises on his shoulders, carrying the penates, the household gods.
376) </pre> <p>In this passage, David condemns the custom of worshiping multiple penates at the expense of the one true God, but he also implicitly links this pagan and blasphemous practice to the same impulses that led the Hebrews to clamor for a king, their "own God" created by popular will.
In his partial translation of "Roderick," as we shall see, Puskin demonstrated that he, with complete understanding of an English original, could deliberately reshape and transform it; in his translation of part of "Hymn to the Penates," he clearly proved that he could remain completely faithful to an English original and produce a Russian poem at least equal to his model.
Indeed, his "household gods" suggest not a Mosaic monotheism but the old Roman Lares and Penates, a religion, as has been said, attached to very definite things and places.
The ancient Romans called them lares et penates, their household gods.