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The other's an Oscar-winning, mean-looking, character actor with a penchant for dance moves.
Both players are in the first-team squad with Penchant having moved over from Birkenhead Park after two and a half enjoyable years at the Upper Park.
The first piece, the composer explains, emulated Schubert's penchant for hastily writing duets for parties and was entitled Little Mushroom (a nickname given the short, plump Schubert by his friends).
Jaffe attributes the long wake-up call to the Army's penchant for big-ticket equipment designed for big wars.
While Japan is notorious for its penchant for branding everything "international" without actually being that way, this year's Anime Fair was a notable exception.
We can't afford a mea-culpa penchant for taking on debt--and then go mitre-in-hand asking others to pay off the consequences.
Seattle's madrones are also endangered by their penchant for high bluffs, the same habitats prized by developers and homeowners searching for the perfect view.
Father Holmes' bias was made evident both by his constant referral to the Israelis as oppressors and occupiers of the Palestinian homeland, as well as by his penchant for relying exclusively on Arabic testimony in each situation he reported on, without seeming to investigate whether there might be another side to the story.
Franklin cuts a controversial Christian figure in his black leather jacket and cowboy boots, coupled with his penchant for flying planes and riding Indian motorcyles.
In other words, it's easier to kick the affable, self-effacing, apolitical Fisher than to attack his boss whose temper and penchant for uncontrollable outbursts are legendary.
The corporation--and its buddies in the construction industry--has a penchant for building huge new expressways that hardly anyone uses.
If you have a penchant for writing; knowledge of accounting, auditing or taxation; and an awareness of the desired skill set for entry level CPAs--the AICPA/NASBA team that is developing the computerized Uniform CPA Exam has a job for you.