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And as the multiple companies of Chicago attest, Bobbie has a penchant for multicultural casting.
A new study now suggests that a penchant for protein may be fueling the cancer's ascent.
And all reflect Bontecou's odd penchant for mixing feminine with masculine and hybridizing attributes of the natural with those of the machine-made, and the machine itself.
With her White House connections, her classic album Simply Connie, and her penchant for playing opposite prettier men, it needn't be a clear day to identify that funny lady.
The highest risk for alcoholism occurred in assault victims with a family history of substance abuse, a penchant for sensation seeking, and PTSD.
In Blanchot's 1948 novel Death Sentence, an unnamed male narrator haunts the hallways and rooms of various expiring women; he demonstrates a perhaps too familiar knowledge of poisons and perfumes and a penchant for witnessing last words.
Different for Girls puts the reunited pair through a series of mostly harrowing paces--they narrowly avoid being beaten up at a punk bar and are arrested by homophobic cops who think they're a gay couple--that make clear their mutual attraction, class differences, conflicting personalities, and penchant for trouble.
In fact, some ophthalmologists believe that society's reliance on computers and its penchant for television viewing have also contributed to the disorder.
The enduring impression is of a distinct visual form, reinforced by the artist's penchant for narrative and the curious corniness that manifests itself in the absurd and arresting sound and pictorial elements.
People with a penchant for fatty foods may be at increased risk for a heart attack because their clotting system overreacts to such an injury and builds a monster clot, says George 3.
Then there's the artist's penchant for neat configurations in the works themselves, which acts as a counterpoint to his sprawling, almost viral language.
Some scientists think moms who eat spicy foods during the pregnancy may pass that penchant along to their infants.