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PENCIL. An instrument made of plumbago, black lead, red chalk, or other suitable substance, for writing without ink.
     2. It has been holden that a will written with a pencil, could riot, on this account, be annulled. 1 Phillim. R. 1; 2 Phillim. 173.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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This makes it an excellent lubricant along with a good material for pencil lead. The global Graphite Lubricant Market is seeing an upswing owing to the burgeoning automotive industry.
What happens when you put a few pencil leads, a little water and dishwashing liquid into a blender?
The electrode material of the PGE is represented by a general purpose writing pencil offering the advantages of being user- and environmental-friendly (it is nontoxic), largely commercially available, and simple to purchase at low costs (e.g., in Romania the graphite pencil lead used for one PGE costs less than 0.04[euro]), being thus a disposable and-readily renewable electrode.
Using 0.7mm HB lead, the BIC(r) mechanical pencil lead lasts two times longer than a normal graphite pencil, comes with three leads of 90mm and is easy to use and erase.
The 30-year teaching veteran finds herself tracking staples and making sure every pencil and pencil lead is accounted for.
Two researchers at Manchester University - Dutch national Andre Geim and Russian Konstantin Novoselov's discovery - earned the Nobel Prize in physics in 2010 for discovering it, using only a piece of pencil lead and tape.
MIT postdoc Katherine Mirica has designed a new type of pencil lead in which graphite is replaced with a compressed powder of carbon nanotubes.
About the width of a 0.5mm pencil lead. Re-attach the round butt panels and finish off the frame-to-grip fit by hand with a belt sander wearing a fine grit belt.
The Russian scientists who first made graphene in 2004--and won the 2010 Nobel Prize in physics for their efforts- did it using only a piece of Scotch tape and a chunk of graphite similar to pencil lead.
The model geometry consists of the tip of a mechanical pencil (i.e., Pentel P205), which is composed of a fixed (non-sliding) steel collet and the pencil lead. For all simulations, a 2-dimensional setup with plane-strain conditions was used.
snapping your pencil lead under extreme stress (8 5)
A thick, #2 two-millimeter (mm) pencil lead provides for long lasting write-out and never needs sharpening.