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Another one of the diamond pendants in the collection comes with circular gold lattice, with a dome shape engraved in diamonds.
Sara Cunningham passed away suddenly at the age of 24 back in February 2015, and the family decided to preserve her memory with a number of pendants in her memory.
She added: "We were all so close with Sara - my mum thought the pendants would be a nice way for us to keep her around.
Pendants are delivered within six to eight weeks, but rush deliveries may be available upon request.
The shrine officials had allegedly sold the gold coins and pendants - minted from the gold offerings made by the followers - at throwaway prices to unknown persons, believed to be their relatives which caused a huge loss to the temple trust.
Microscopic analyses determined that the engraved pattern--which includes clusters of short lines connected to long lines--resembles etched designs on similarly aged amber pendants found in Denmark, southern Sweden and northern Germany.
Award winning jewellery retailer Pure Gold Jewellers has unveiled special edition Mother's Day diamond pendants.
Prices start from PS10 for rings and PS25 for the pendants.
A flat-edged spiral is enhanced by a bold diagonal that runs through the pendants center ($885).
He said: "Etched into the gold detailing of the egg is the number '1,000', which represents the fact that the pendant is the 1,000th of 1,000 of these pendants ever made.
These Spiritual pendants bring together the five most sacred elements - Bhoomi (earth), Tejas (Fire), Jala (Water), Vayu (Air), Aakash (Sky).