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Building on the success of the Supreme Court, creating more subject-matter and stage-specific benches that allow the Court to build internal specialization and efficiencies in combating pendency and delay.
Modi said, " I assure the chief justice that government will back his ' sankalp' ( resolve) to bring down the burden on the judiciary and reduce pendency of cases".
Generally, the courts have held that a real estate broker's commissions are in the nature of monies earned or due under contract and not deserving of the right to file a notice of pendency.
The Modi government's senior- most law officer's com- ments come two days after Thakur slammed the government for not appointing new judges and setting up new courts to help bring down the mounting pendency.
The New York Civil Practice Law and Rules [section] 6501 provides, in relevant part, that a "notice of pendency may be filed in any action in a court of the state or of the United States in which the judgment demanded would affect the title to, or the possession, use or enjoyment of, real property.
Recently in a meeting, the top brass of Delhi Police showed concern regarding the pendency of VIP complaints.
The objective of the Action Plan is to reduce pendency rate of NAB cases, at all stages including Inquiries, Investigations and Court Trials.
Kolkata, July 1(ANI): A campaign mode approach is being launched from today till December 31 to reduce pendency in courts, Union Law and Justice Minister Dr.
The responsibility for damages to property during the pendency of a foreclosure action was considered in the case of Trustco Bank, National Association v.
Replying to a question on whether steps have been taken to tackle the pendency of cases as several of them have been lingering for as long as 20 years, Dattu said, " We have taken a decision that we will try our best to see that there is no case pending beyond five years.
In February, nineteen cases were decided against the pendency of 319 cases.