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Although Nnolim's contention is incontestable, African literature will continue to pendulate between these two pools, because they are no doubt, the experiences the African writer understands too well-experiences which are responsible for the present state of the sociocultural, political disenchantment and alienation of the African people, which in turn leaves them with amputated, hope.
Second, the three genres themselves bleed into one another, and pendulate between the private arena of the two women's friendship and public space of the text; for example, the personal essays read like letters from the authors addressed to the reader, while the letters--particularly Mambro's--take on the form of diaries recounting the minutia of her days and feelings, and the excerpts from Braghetti's diary that are inserted at the mid-point of the book become personal essays.
The kind of Being of Dasein's comportment is the way in which a deceiving limiting/limited Dasein pendulates between Being and beings.
Urrutia pendulates between past and present ("I started with Homer ...