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Dexmedetomidine is more lipid soluble as compared to clonidine, hence the penetrability in the brain is higher and that may be the reason for its superior action.
The emphasis on the deterrence means to sustain the essentials of minimum deterrence -that is, the credibility, capability, accuracy, penetrability, upgrading ranges and even the modernization of these deterring forces.
20 Table 4: Results of Bulk Diffusion Test: (conventional) Mix Depth of Diffusion Charge passed chloride Coefficient Passed Chloride ion penetration (m2/s) (C) penetrability (cm) as per ASTM M20 2.
30) Although concrete plans have not yet been announced given the preliminary stage of research and development and political and strategic considerations, the use of hypersonic cruise missiles for counterterrorism operations or high survivability and penetrability in A2/AD operational environments appears to be attractive in regional conflict scenarios.
Gamma's penetrability is specially appealing to artificial joint makers, who constantly are striving to build longer-lasting products.
Fissure Morphology, and Material Characteristics on the in vitro Margin Permeability and Penetrability of Pit an Fissure Sealants.
Turkey badly needs international support in terms of border protection, and Europe has to realize that, despite its length and penetrability, Turkey's southern border is the best place to pile up measures for the security of the continent.
Reducing the penetrability of its frontiers with Syria, parts of which have been practically nonexistent for many decades, may well be the most achievable short-term way of helping the Lebanese Army and helping it prevent repeats of Arsal-style clashes.
Without the feelings about the penetrability of her brain, the theory about brain manipulation and the insertion of the microchip was weakened, and further so by her reappraisal of how magical thinking could have influenced her father's death.
Dentin penetrability evaluation of three different dyes in root end cavities filled with mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA).
Kallikrein interference as an enzyme of kinin system which has a close relation with renin angiotensin system could increase glomerular membrane penetrability [5,17].
This may be due to decreased penetrability of the Enterococcal thick peptidoglycan cell wall as occurs in vancomycin resistance in Enterococci.