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Y todo esto esta ya en las Repeticiones y Progresiones del 51, en las Pinturas Seriales del 52, en los Dos Cuadros en el espacio y el Desplazamiento con Vibracion Optica del 53, en el Metamorfosis del 55, en el Leno Viejo del 60 y sobre todo con el Penetrable Sonoro del 71.
The prose becomes opaque and impenetrable, or if penetrable, it yields banality.
In contrast, the German market is still not easily penetrable by imports (imports were significantly below 10% in 1997).
one result was the ambivalent body of Christ himself which is here presented as feminized -- permeable, opening, feeding a sick child in a bath of blood -- and as eroticized, gender-bending, penetrable, even hermaphroditic.
Their labyrinthine interiors could potentially serve a cozy sites for catalyzing chemical reactions or as minuscule sieves penetrable only by molecules of certain shapes and sizes.
The accessible, physically immersive works for which the artist is best known, such as Penetrable BBL bleu, 1999/2007, literally welcome viewers' bodies, only to surround them in PVC and metal.
Nigeria is laid back in her attitude to security issues, and this is why the seaports have become penetrable the internationally acceptable standards.
We are carrying out the task despite these to provide relief to the affected people, by finding penetrable patches in the weather," he said.
By turns a meditation on the Greek play, an antiwar jeremiad and an infuriating snarl of almost penetrable symbolism, Jesurun's 70 minutes of blank verse are beautifully staged and acted, particularly by lead Louis Cancelmi, though they eventually wander off, aided in their escape by the production's dim lighting.
These sectors represent the most immediate penetrable markets for Enfis and are projected to enjoy a compound annual growth rate of 45% from now until 2010.
Past experience has shown that Israel's aerial gateway - Ben Gurion Airport - was penetrable by terrorists.