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Chan, "Application of finite element method to Monte Carlo simulations of scattering of waves by random rough surfaces: penetrable case," Waves in Random Media, vol.
The repair technique using repair material developed exclusively for repairing RC slabs (fiber-reinforced, ultrahard, nonshrink, and polymer cement mortar) and the two types of adhesive (penetrable primer and highly durable epoxy resin adhesive) can reinforce the fine cracks in the RC slabs and integrate the repair material and the RC slabs.
Ejercito said he also sees the need to extend martial law, saying Mindanao's terrain is 'very porous' and easily penetrable for armed elements.
an obelisk of bone built around a bag of acid or some penetrable
Their topics include the composite scattering and Doppler spectra of a moving ship at a time-evolving sea surface, volume integral equation solvers for electromagnetic scattering by penetrable objects, analytical formulations of scattering by finite circular cylinder and thin dielectric circular disk, electromagnetic wave scattering in dense media: applications in the remote sensing of sea ice and vegetation, and target feature extraction with polarimetric radar.
(4) L'exposition Chaos penetrable, de Joelle Morosoli, col laboration Rolf Morosoli, a ete presentee a la Galerie McClure du 6 au 28 janvier 2017 et reunissait les oeuvres Trame funeste et Dedale vegetal.
The connective tissue creates a somewhat penetrable boundary, and the means by which heat and nutrients navigate it remains a research frontier.
Three of the environments on the exhibition's main floor--Tropicalia; Projeto filtro--para Vergara, 1972; and PN27 Penetrable, Rijanviera, 1979--were introduced via video documentation of the works' prior installments, thereby drawing attention to material variations.
In this paper, a new qualitative approach for the reconstruction of presence, location and shape of both penetrable and impenetrable objects is introduced and described.
PI is a dye staining necrotic and late apoptotic cells with a penetrable plasma membrane.
This makes the cabinets less penetrable by moisture, therefore increasing durability.
AndrA[c] Alexis's The Hidden Keys is set in the back alleys and concealed corners of Toronto, places populated by honorable thieves and winsome misfits, peppered with penetrable fortresses and colored by hope.