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In this manner, the prostitute is like the later Mona/Mara "who had been and would be other names, other persons, other assemblages of appendages, [and] was no more accessible, penetrable, than a cool statue in a forgotten garden of a lost continent" (Miller, Sexus 110).
However, thermal cycling results in additional cross linking of the coating, making it slightly more chemical resistant and less penetrable by weak organic acids used in standard flux formulations.
He goes on to assert that the feminine in Greek culture was considered undesirable because "The female is quintessentially penetrable.
Rather, they are about two other, lesser objectives: making the system more penetrable and rendering military personnel themselves more malleable by their civilian masters; and reducing costs.
31) So Hamlet tells Gertrude, "[L]et me wring your heart, for so I shall / If it be made of penetrable stuff, / If damned custom have not brass'd it so / That it be proof and bulwark against sense" (III.
As first of all fouling and the maximal economical effect of cleaning are chracteristic of high-capacity power units of noticeable size, low-frequency sound as a more penetrable one was used.
The virtual ever-presents of the campaign - Jose Reina, Sami Hyypia and Jamie Carragher - inhabit a triangle at the back that appears less penetrable by the week, while Steve Finnan continues to display a steadiness on the right that is more often than not matched by the rotating occupants on the other wing.
I will have at last puffed on my pane to such a perfect transparency that it will no more obstruct my vision, it will become penetrable, like thin air, to let Father in from over there to here, to me, on this side.
There is also guarded concern that disk that is used as a backup target could represent a potential security breach within the network because of its reliance on standard interfaces, which are known to be penetrable to hackers, viruses, etc.
The company improved output of its penetrable sealed cap for specimen tubes and reduced costs for manufacturing space and labor.