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For the gods of home, the Romans had the name Penates, swelling from the root word penus, not the garden Priapus you're picturing, with his improbable member, but where we enter-- storehouse, penetralia, the innermost parts.
The woman came forward from the penetralia of the attached house, for "Somebody & Co.
RAIL: In some of your more recent shows, like Penetralia, you work within mediums that are more cast and more produced.
they were as a single thing: singer, listener, and song, light spilling into light, the boundaries of inside and outside, here and there, today and tomorrow, obliterated as in the penetralia of the densest stars, or at the farthest hem of Heaven" (69).
We search for the innermost sanctum, 'the shuddery penetralia of caves.