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Almost every arm of the sea, which penetrates to the interior higher chain, not only in Tierra del Fuego, but on the coast for 650 miles northwards, is terminated by "tremendous and astonishing glaciers," as described by one of the officers on the survey.
Tell me, bearing that in mind, whether you will penetrate the Indian's motive for yourself?
I have been trying some experiments after you left us this afternoon, and I find that no noise which MacDonald can make in the study can penetrate to me in the pantry when the doors are all shut.
At two identical velocities, a large pellet will impart more kinetic energy than a small pellet, allowing it to penetrate more deeply.
Additionally, Silencure SRT contains a proprietary blend of siloxanes that penetrate capillary pores of fresh concrete to form a silicone matrix, which effectively prevents water and salt penetration.
Although chickens infected with Salmonella do not deposit the pathogen inside the egg yolk very often, bacteria from the surrounding albumen might penetrate through the membrane that surrounds the yolk.
Scientists had hoped to penetrate 3 kilometers of ice to reach the lake, where they would sample the pristine water for signs of life.
The Nano based products from XUREX are ground-breaking in their unique ability to deeply penetrate the substrate (surface) to which they are applied, and chemically bond with the many free ions within the material.
This thin viscosity allows it to deeply penetrate as much as a quarter-inch into the pores of concrete or masonry surfaces.
The tubes penetrate the front and back wall of the exchanger, with all welded connections outside of the product flow.
That is, they anally penetrated others as well as allowing others to anally penetrate them.
It causes dyes to penetrate the surface of the polymer so that the impregnated images are highly resistant to wear.