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He sat all night on his stool, starting at the least noise; and when the first rays of the sun penetrated into his chamber, the dawn itself appeared to him to have taken funereal tints.
hen an army has penetrated into the heart of a hostile country, leaving a number of fortified cities in its rear, it is serious ground.
Never yet has the food of the stranger, be he soldier or simple citizen, never has any one, indeed, penetrated into that district.
After leaving the Whimsies, Guph continued on his journey and penetrated far into the Northwest.
Straightening his legs with difficulty and shaking the snow off them he got up, and an agonizing cold immediately penetrated his whole body.
He wondered idly if it felt as bad as he felt, and was feebly amused at the thought of kinship that somehow penetrated his fancy.
Villa stepped into the water to her knees, looked up at the dark jungle roof high overhead through which only occasional shafts of sunlight penetrated, and shuddered.
And no matter how much he dissected beauty in search of the principles that underlie beauty and make beauty possible, he was aware, always, of the innermost mystery of beauty to which he did not penetrate and to which no man had ever penetrated.
have penetrated a considerable distance to the interior, have thought
There were three persons who asserted they had penetrated to the end of the forest, and that they had always heard the wonderful sounds of the bell, but it had seemed to them as if it had come from the town.
But here were books, and here were men who had penetrated deeper and knew more.
As the question passed his lips, I penetrated the motive of the Indian's visit to my office at last!