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Laparoscopy for penetrating injury was done was done for 2 patients.
Fortunately aero-digestive tract injuries are relatively uncommon (7% penetrating, very rare in blunt trauma).
This skin prevents molten metal from penetrating into the voids between the sand grains.
But here's the difference: a regular mirror contains a "backing" painted over the dried coating of silver nitrate, which prevents light from penetrating through the glass.
Introduction: Penetrating thoracic trauma can usually be managed non-operatively.
Bacteria could be carried into the skin on the backs of penetrating cercariae, whether the latter are human-specific or not.
The ooze hardens and prevents the sun's damaging rays from penetrating.
But is the fault due to metal penetrating the refractory lining or is it due to some ground condition outside the coil?
Partially penetrating the dust with a near-infrared camera, the Hubble Space Telescope has now recorded the first detailed portrait of the galaxy's nucleus.
High frequencies can detect smaller defects, but low frequencies have greater penetrating ability.