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To upgrade its ultrasonic testing facilities still further, Keighley Laboratories has invested around [pounds sterling]8k in a new Sonatest Masterscan digital flow detector, which incorporates the latest developments in amplifier and pulsar technology to deliver higher levels of near-surface resolution and penetrating power.
The tiny flux droplets (1 mm or so) from a drop jet actually impact the bottom of the board with a significant penetrating force, enough to force the flux up through the ID of the through hole where spray fluxing and even ultrasonic fluxing probably cannot go, since they simply do not have enough penetrating power.
I believe Diaby can be a player who can play between midfield and the strikers and has good penetrating power," said Wenger.
Gem lore also understood water to be what gives gems their transparence or translucence, and this quality, interpreted as a sign of the penetrating power of divine light, helps account for the preference for thin, translucent slabs of precious stones as altar stones.
At elevated service temperature, some non-ATF fluids act as a solvent to rubber compounds, with high penetrating power.
Beta rays come from an e-beam generator, which provides the same features as gamma radiation but with reduced penetrating power.
When he comes on you see he can make a difference because of his penetrating power and his speed," Wenger noted.
They've been largely abandoned, however, for 180-grain spitzers that offer flatter flight and greater retained energy-with as much penetrating power and more retained weight than traditional 220s.
He has a tremendous work-rate with tremendous penetrating power.
will test a supersonic combustion ramjet--scramjet--designed to improve the penetrating power of tank guns.
After all, globalization today--the rapidly expanding domination of all forms of culture by market forces and the penetrating power of communications--continues patterns of development that began much earlier in the West, and most conspicuously in the United States.