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Beta rays come from an e-beam generator, which provides the same features as gamma radiation but with reduced penetrating power.
When he comes on you see he can make a difference because of his penetrating power and his speed," Wenger noted.
He has a tremendous work-rate with tremendous penetrating power.
will test a supersonic combustion ramjet--scramjet--designed to improve the penetrating power of tank guns.
After all, globalization today--the rapidly expanding domination of all forms of culture by market forces and the penetrating power of communications--continues patterns of development that began much earlier in the West, and most conspicuously in the United States.
When Campbell took a line-out possession the Blues drove into the Chester defence with a penetrating power play that only a penalty infringement halted.
Depleted uranium is used in anti-armor munitions because of its high penetrating power.
Beta radiation has more limited penetrating power and is easily shielded, allowing for more active sources that keep treatment time to a minimum.
He spoke slowly, with conviction, and with enormous, penetrating power.
To help overcome this problem, ultrasonic transducer manufacturers can design special transducer configurations or increase the penetrating power of the ultrasonic sound wave.