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Instead of excoriating Wise, as many do (and rightly so), it would be helpful to our understanding if a researcher would penetratingly detail how antisemitism shaped this flawed man and contributed to his disturbing behavior.
In the end, these expertly reconstructed and penetratingly analyzed suppressed and now revealed tales on the margins of Hasidism gives us only a glimpse of the "center," that is, the mass Hasidic movement that affected the lives of millions of Jews in Eastern Europe.
Leven, in The Intimacy Maelstrom, penetratingly paints in vivid colors, a picture of tormented lives entangled in passionate but toxic, perverted, unhealthy relationships.
The collapse of modern colonial empires provided opportunity for fresh and penetratingly helpful analyses of the modern missions movement, allowing for the dissection of complex interconnections between religious propagation and political-economic power.
Rappers chanted penetratingly and honed machete-sharp double time flows, using both to exaggerate the boasts of classic gangsta rap into gruesome tales of murder and mayhem.
His first embattled defense of Orwell (several others would follow) remarks penetratingly that "the essence of Orwell's work is a sustained criticism of servility.
so much as noting missed opportunities: the chance to look more penetratingly at the reasons Wasserstein spoke to a generation; to examine the process of (and the rationale for) basing art so closely on life that her friends were frequently surprised to see themselves onstage with little more than their names changed; to look at the ways in which the public, or a dramatist's sense of that public, affects a play's composition.
Not only is this a more attractive presentation, it is, like the Millington edition overall, clearer and better organized--more inviting and user-friendly but also more penetratingly outlined.
Nabokov's use of humor to establish and maintain his position as an outsider to his own novel allows him to create a penetratingly moral text while adhering to the rigid aesthetic principles that place him in opposition to novelistic moralizing.
He is not pursuing some profound thematic purpose or presenting some penetratingly subtle perception; we all know that killing people is wrong, especially for the kind of reasons the duke gives; if we don't, we are not likely to be convinced by a poem, still less by one based on our acceptance of this rule.
In a penetratingly accurate essay on his website, Stephan Haeckel makes the observation that we have a disease treatment system, not a health care system.
Woolf observes in Austen's juvenilia a note "which sounds distinctly and penetratingly all through .