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The aim of this study was to compare meat quality attributes in cattle subjected to different mechanical stunning methods--high power non-penetrating mechanical stun (HPNP), low power non-penetrating stun (LPNP), penetrative mechanical stunning (P) and slaughter followed by penetrative mechanical stun (US) in cattle.
Penetrative sexual assault ( Section 3) -- not less than seven years which may extend to imprisonment for life and fine ( Section 4)
Our unadjusted overall multivariate analyses show counter attack, final third starting zone and penetrative pass were most effective in goal scoring at home, while their respective opposite tactics of elaborate attack, first third starting zone, and non-penetrative pass were least effective in goal scoring away from home.
Therefore, when the tension-exerted hoop are housed inside plastic or rubber material of an air-filled container, the plastic or rubber material can penetrate into fissures formed among the thin filaments and securely bind with the coarse surfaces to create double layers of penetrative binding engagement, thereby increasing the binding area between the plastic or rubber material and the tension-exerted (lock) hoop so as to prevent the tension-exerted (lock) hoop from collapse and detachment during the repeated inflation and deflation operation.
Qera has made a huge impression with the Bees in his first season in English rugby, both as a hard tackler in defence and as a penetrative runner in attack which has brought him 15 National League tries.
One of its goals was to bring awareness to HIV/AIDS by reminding people that there's an alternative to what spokesperson Marie Stopes called "everyday penetrative unprotected sex.
DAILY EXPRESS: "Although Stuttgart could count themselves unlucky, especially after a first half which they dominated, Boro were always far more penetrative up front and they must now be confident of progressing after a job extremely well done.
Picking up on many of the issues outlined as critical areas of concern in the Platform for Action, this journal provides a kaleidoscopic reflection of a decade of women's rights and asks the real and penetrative question: where to now?
Then some artists struggled to respond to modernization, and some do so again today, only in a far more penetrative register of media, empire, and market that is already naturalized as "globalization.
In his article "An Education in Abstinence" [August 16], Joel Derfner states that a sexual relationship between men exists only when they have penetrative sex.
2) In the few studies that have examined this topic, sexual practices involving digital-vaginal or digital-anal contact, particularly with shared penetrative sex toys, have been frequently reported among female sex partners; such practices present a plausible means for STD transmission, presumably by transfer of infected cervicovaginal secretions or by direct mucosal contact.