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Three scramjet-powered rounds will then test the integration of the engine, penetrator and fins.
Lockheed officials have proposed that the Army upgrade the stockpile of 1,650 block I ATACMS to unitary or penetrator variants.
An alternative to the penetrator in dealing with one class of hard target is the US Air Force Research Laboratory's Tunnel Defeat project, intended to place up to six Mk 84 bombs from a single aircraft simultaneously within five metres of the aim-point.
This suspects group is also allegedly responsible for weapons smuggling and improvised explosive device and explosively-formed penetrator attacks against Iraqi and Coalition forces in Baghdad," the statement continued.
Army to develop high performance Kinetic Energy Penetrator (KEP) rods for use in armor-piercing ammunition systems.
Address : General Manager Heavy Alloy Penetrator Project Trichy 620025 Tamilnadu
The enhanced SFW: (1) adds active laser profiling to the original infrared sensor for improved aim point; (2) incorporates 16 outer fragments to the central explosively formed penetrator for lethality against a broader target set including soft targets and lightly armored vehicles in addition to heavily armored main battle tanks; and (3) operates at a higher height of function, permitting a 100% increase in area coverage from 15 to 30 acres (121,000 square meters) for a single weapon.
Address : Heavy Alloy Penetrator Project Ministry Of Defence Government Of India Tiruchirapalli 620 025 Tamil Nadu India Tele.
This purchase single pump blood penetrator, Dual pump blood penetrator, Dialysis water treatment equipment (including thermal disinfection system), Injection pump, Defibrillator, Monitor and other equipment and installation.