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VIRGA. An obsolete word, which signifies a rod or staff, such as sheriffs, bailiffs, and constables carry, as a badge or ensign of their office.

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The modified repair surgery for concealed penis had similar operative time, intraoperative blood loss, and cosmetic result of operative scar with the traditional repair.
Yazili basin ile televizyonun ilgisi ye internetin yaygin olarak kullamma girmesi ile birlikte gunumuzde giderek artan sayida erkek penis boyu kisaligi sikayeti ile uroloji kliniklerine basvurmaktadir.
Why does the radical prostatectomy damage the penis so much?
On the question of treatment, Hare observed that, by the second half of the nineteenth century, "surgical and pharmacological methods of preventing ma sturbation were certainly widespread," mentioning depressant drugs and chastity devices for both sexes; infibulation of the foreskin, castration and severing the dorsal nerve of the penis in males; and clitoridectomy and ovariotomy in females.
Dr Ravi Kant Agarwal, of Stockport, Greater Manchester, was advertised as the UK's leading expert in the field of penis enlargement, described as having ``unrivalled experience'' of carrying out the ``unique and exclusive'' operation.
His advert claimed not only to increase the length of the penis by one to three inches, but also to increase the girth by between 3 0pc and 90pc.
The penis contains two chambers called the corpora cavernosa, which run the length of the organ (see figure 1).
They even sell a ``how-to'' book in the lobby to teach interested penis puppeteers how to duplicate their ``installations.
Like most female-to-male transsexuals, Kantaras decided against phalloplasty, because a constructed penis can create urinary problems, lacks sexual sensation, and cannot independently become erect.
Lichen sclerosus of the penis occurs almost exclusively in uncircumcised men (those who have not had the foreskin removed).
From an on-line article in the Toronto Sun on a Toronto man who is suing Starbucks because his penis was crushed by a faulty toilet seat at a Starbucks coffee house: "Edward Skwarek, thirty-seven, and his wife Sheri, thirty-five, are suing Starbucks Corp.
A leading Italian plastic surgeon who has asked health officials for permission to carry out the world's first penis transplant said yesterday that he already had three patients ready to undergo the operation.