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VIRGA. An obsolete word, which signifies a rod or staff, such as sheriffs, bailiffs, and constables carry, as a badge or ensign of their office.

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Medics have tried pushing a plastic nail down his urethra without anaesthetic and jabbing needles into his penis to withdraw blood, but those excruciating methods haven't helped.
A review of 17 studies, which looked at 21 types of procedure in Britain and abroad, both surgical and non-surgical, and performed on 1,192 men, found penis enlargement was "ineffective and risky".
The hermit crab with the largest penis relative to body size was the Coenobita species, the only one occupying the remodelled and more vulnerable shell homes.
Apart from his penis being hacked, the man also suffered multiple stab wounds during the attack.
Dr Seth Rankin, founder of the London Doctor's Clinic, said Peyronie's disease is scar tissue in the shaft of the penis. It causes painful erections and very often a bend in penis, sometimes right angles or more, reports Daily Star Online.
'I don't regret cutting off his penis. It's his punishment for being a womanizer.
After institutional review board approval (IRB #2014H0326), we retrospectively reviewed a single surgeon's (CM) case logs for patients presenting for evaluation of a concealed penis. Queries were made for a diagnosis code of ICD-9 code 752.65 (buried penis).
The recipient, who was not identified, lost most of his penis and had substantial groin injuries in a bomb explosion while deployed overseas.
Then a circumferential skin incision was made along the coronary sulcus to deglove penile shaft to the base of penis. The dysplastic dartos should be loosened and resected completely to stretch and straighten penile shaft sufficiently.
DISCUSSION: Though tuberculosis can affect any organ, tuberculosis of penis is a rare disease.
He, along with his recovered penis, was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.