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G.'s delusional penis is a rare symptom, he also regards penis envy, transsexual fantasies, and female masculinity as normal in women.
Myself, I've always suspected a case of penis envy. Well, if you're going to have the extra heart, something's got to give.
(4.) The relative absence of male characters delineated by Morrison as "appendages" to her females juxtaposed with the idea that Eva loves maleness but lacks a leg signifies on the concept of penis envy with delicious irreverence.
penis envy) but going further to argue that this sexism is the reflection of the female's devalued status in a male-dominated society, where she has a more difficult uphill battle than the male.
In 1979, anxious to air Woody Allen's movie "Annie Hall," ABC attempted to edit out such horrific words and phrases as "schmuck" and "penis envy." When Allen gently but unconditionally told ABC "no," it was Schneider who devised a censorial lateral arabesque that permitted ABC to air the movie without any changes or deletions: "What if we left the lines in and warned the audience?
Sometimes her anecdotes veer into digression, like her two-page riff on the popularization of the Freudian suffix "envy" (as in penis envy).
It's the one place they can walk into with a spring in their step and a smile on their face and come out suicidal having been struck down by a debilitating attack of penis envy.
of the Breuer/Freud literature.) Boyarin offers an all-embracing explanation for Freud's controversial switch from the seduction theory to the theory of instinctual infantile sexuality as well as his development of the "phallic" ideas of oedipal conflict, castration anxiety, and penis envy. To wit: Freud was a sufferer from self-diagnosed hysteria - a female disease - that he speculated might have been spawned by his father's seduction; Freud was left with a "homoerotic desire" (p.
On the other hand, the desire for equality with men was conceived by some early shrinks as a perversion: a disavowal of the female role, a piece of penis envy.
A related consensus stipulates that female penis envy is neither so undifferentiated nor so determinative as Freud thought.